Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mo' Reissue!

Jimi Hendrix will have two of his live albums, Hendrix in the West (1978) and Live at Winterland (1987), reissued in expanded edition, by the label Legacy Records.

The new editions are the result of an agreement licensing of eight years between SonyMusic and Experience Hendrix, which manages the estate of musician and is known for not releasing the rights to Hendrix songs easily.

Live at Winterland will have 35 tracks spread across four CDs,or eight LPs, with 35tracks, a 36-page booklet and an audio interview. All material was recorded in sixconcerts in three days made on Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco in October1968.

The relaunch of Hendrix in the West will have 11 songs, adding three bonus tracksat eight of the original release, and will be available on a CD or two LPs, accompanied by a 24-page booklet with previously unseen footage shot by Jim Marshall.

The Legacy Records has prepared two DVDs. One is a re-issue of Blue Wild Angel:Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight, 2002, and the other is called Jimi Hendrix: The DickCavett Show and will be a compilation of all the shares musician on the show with DickCavett.

Live at Winterland and Hendrix in the West arrive in stores on Sept. 13. Check out thetrack list.

Live at Winterland:
CD 1 – 10/10/68 Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco
01. "Tax Free"
02. "Lover Man"
03. "Sunshine of Your Love"
04. "Hear My Train A Comin"
05. "Killing Floor"
06. "Foxey Lady"
07. "Hey Joe"
08. "Star Spangled Banner"
09. "Purple Haze"
CD 2 – 11/10/68 Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco
10. "Tax Free"
11. "Like a Rolling Stone"
12. "Lover Man"
13. "Hey Joe"
14. "Fire"
15. "Foxey Lady"
16. "Are You Experienced"
17. "Red House"
18. "Purple Haze"
CD 3 – 12/10/68 Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco
19. "Fire"
20. "Lover Man"
21. "Like a Rolling Stone"
22. "Manic Depression"
23. "Sunshine of Your Love"
24. "Little Wing"
25. "Spanish Castle Magic"
26. "Red House"
27. "Hey Joe"
28. "Purple Haze"
29. "Wild Thing"
Bonus CD - Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco
30. "Foxy Lady"
31. "Are You Experienced"
32. "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"
33. "Red House"
34. "Star Spangled Banner"
35. "Purple Haze"
36. Jimi Hendrix: Boston Garden Backstage Interview
Hendrix In The West Tracklist:
01. "The Queen"
02. "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"
03. "Little Wing"
04. "Fire"
05. "I Dont Live Today"
06. "Spanish Castle Magic"
07. "Red House"
08. "Johnny B. Goode"
09. "Lover Man"
10. "Blue Suede Shoes"
11. "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"