Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gym Class Heroes and Mo' Pink Floyd! or.... The Post about Late News!

Yo, yo, yo! That's how i'm starting today's post! And what is it about? It's about Gym Class Heroes and Pink Floyd (duh). Firt-off, in the post about Rap (Engrish Version coming soon) i talked a little bit about Gym Class Heroes, and well, they have released a new music last week! I'm excited with this because they said that this music's album will be like "The Papercuts Chronicles" (Their second, and best album), and different from "The Quilt" (That was shitty).Also,"The Papercuts Chronicles II" will show some of the singing skills of Travie McCoy (Vocals).

There are a lot of Pink Floyd fans here, so you're gonna like this. This is kinda old, but EMI is going to release a collection with remastered and unpublished songs (some of them with Syd Barret)! The collection will be called "Why Pink Floyd?" and must please new and old fans. The pre-order have begun at
pink-floyd-reissues.jpg (200×123)

To end the post, i recently bought "The Papercuts Chronicles" album, from Gym Class Heroes.

The Papercuts Chronicles - $7
Conclusion - It's intro if you want to know the bands with this styles

Observation:I didn't found the Pink Floyd collection price